Côte d’Ivoire has recently benefited from bouts of rain followed by sunshine, which has diminished the concerns of Black Pod disease that we reported a few weeks earlier.  In the main crop-growing region of Soubre, rains were below average. 

There is less black pod disease because the sun is out. If the weather continues to be good for another month we will have more cocoa from this year’s main crop than during the last season.

Paul Yoman, farmer from Soubre (reported by Reuters)

Consequently, in November, farmers believe they will be able to start the harvest on time. If the conditions continue, there is hope for a high yield. 

If it continues to rain until the end of the month there will be plenty of (cocoa bean) deliveries after January.

Esmel Konan, farmer from Daloa (reported by Reuters)

With Ghana’s low production this year, a bumper crop from Côte d’Ivoire should find willing buyers, albeit at prices that are hovering around 3-year lows.

Photo from Nestlé

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