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The four-year-old all-female run and sustainably focused coffee company Copper Cow Coffee closed its Series A financing of $8.5M to fund the company’s expanding US distribution and product innovation using Vietnamese sourced coffee.

The round was co-led by Cultivian Sandbox and Arborview Capital with participation from Siddhi Capital, Silverton Partners, Social Starts, Montage Ventures, CRCM, and Stormbreaker Ventures. 

We are thrilled to invest in our innovation to continue to ‘wow’ our customers and support our sustainable coffee partners in Vietnam. We are excited that our investors and newly formed all-female board are just as dedicated to our eco-friendly mission as we are. –  Debbie Wei Mullin, Copper Cow Coffee CEO and founder

Since its launch, Copper Cow Coffee has tripled revenue annually, now with a subscription service that features a rotating selection of naturally flavoured coffees serving as its fastest-growing channel of business. Copper Cow Coffee’s innovative single-use pour-over coffees and natural creamers are distributed in over 3,000 retailers, including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, and Walmart nationwide.

“A new generation of coffee drinkers is seeking an innovative experience and flavor profile, all-natural ingredients, and the convenience of café quality anywhere,” explains Carolyn Farley of Arborview Capital. “Arborview is thrilled to support the growth of Copper Cow Coffee as it offers all this with ethically sourced ingredients and a reduced environmental footprint.”  

Copper Cow Coffee is dedicated to taking a stand to source ethically and sustainably from Vietnamese farms. Its farms practice organic agricultural and processing methods, including the use of organic matter compost, non-use of pesticides, and the use of polyculture. 


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