Cameroon’s Office National du Cacao et du Cafe (ONCC) reported a total harvest of 295,163 tonnes of Cocoa beans in the 2021-2022 season. This is up from the previous harvest of 292,471 tonnes of beans in 2020-2021, and beating original projections from the ICCO (see chart below for original projection)

Cameroon’s Cocoa production has been steadily increasing over the past three Cocoa seasons, with the latest harvest marking the highest recorded tonnage in the last seven seasons.

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Cocoa producers in the country are also being paid more for the commodity, according to ONCC figures. In the recent season, a kilogram of Cocoa beans was sold at a maximum price of 1290 FCFA (circa US$1.97), whereas in the 2020-2021 season, the maximum price for a kilogram of Cocoa beans was 1210 FCFA (circa US$1.83). Meanwhile, the minimum price has risen from 700 FCFA (circa US$1.06) in the previous season to 750 FCFA (circa US$1.14).

Cameroon is the world’s 4th largest producer of the commodity. The ONCC commented on the higher prices, saying it reflects the increasing demand for Cameroon’s Cocoa. It has drawn funding for two brand-new processing plants, Neo Industry and Atlantic Cocoa, which are now operational alongside SIC Cacaos, a Barry Callebaut subsidiary.


  1. Afuh Nicholas Ngyeh

    I personally appreciate the farmers in Cameroon especially those in the Northern and Southern Zone who are facing crisis; for their production as ONCC confirmed the increase in 2020/2021 and 2021/2022season as seen from the chat.
    *I also appreciate ONCC for the control price per kilogram of Cocoa (maximum/minimum), for the various years.
    **Am please to hear that there is a drying machine to turn around quality of Cocoa concern.I prayer is our Government should assist Cocoa Regions with the said drying machines for the purpose QUALITY.
    ***I suggest that in this platform,we should be thought how to produce Chocolate at our own stage as farmers.
    Thanks for cooperation.

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