Cafe Agave


The original tinned coffee cocktail brand has expanded its distribution to 25 markets within the United States.

After the company’s successful launch in Nevada and Arizona, Cafe Agave expanded to other states as well.

Cafe Agave is a premium mixture of 100% Arabica, Colombian cold-brewed coffee, agave sweetener, wine, actual dairy cream, and other all-natural flavors. Each single-serve can is equal to one glass of wine and to half a cup of brewed coffee.

The founder of Cafe Agave, Mark Scialdone, said:” As craft is becoming the new norm among millennials and so forth, Cafe Agave appeals to and serves an emerging audience of consumers who demand quality ingredients that they believe in.”

” We saw the industry’s changing environment as an opportunity to create a product that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations of flavor and quality-he added.”

Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew is available in sleek 6.3 oz cans, sold in both singles and 4-packs. Rather than spirit-based RTD beverages, Cafe Agave can be sold anywhere beer and wine are sold. The four available flavors are:

Coffee Shot– blended espresso brew made from premium dark roast Arabica coffee, real dairy cream, and agave sweetener

Caffe Mocha– flavors of mocha and pure cocoa combined with premium dark roast Arabica coffee

Salted Caramel– classic flavors of natural sea salt and caramel blended with premium dark roast Arabica coffee

Vanilla Cinnamon– vanilla and toasted cinnamon blended with premium dark roast Arabica coffee

Co-founder of Cafe Agave, Ami-Lynn Bakshi, also said: “Cafe Agave is ready to drink coffee cocktail for all occasions. And unlike the emerging lower abv coffee-beer segment, our spiked coffee is great on its own or mixed. At 12.5% abv, it can be served straight up, as an espresso martini or as the base of many great cocktails.”

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