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Sometimes you have to call someone a good egg, and Cadbury gets that noble designation after asking media to spread the word that people should be buying chocolate from some small artisan chocolatiers instead of themselves.

True, that the impact of statement of this kind will unlikely make a dent in their sales, but because they named some specific companies, the boost to those individual small businesses could be significant.

And it matters, because according to a report from an insurance company – Simply Business, small companies in the UK have lost £69 billion last year due to the lockdown.

The companies highlighted in the statement are:

As a nation, we’ve always been lucky to have a thriving chocolate scene, full of variety and creativity; and at Cadbury, we of course understand what it’s like to start out as a small independent chocolate shop.

So, we wanted to take the opportunity to support our fellow chocolatiers and ask the nation to do the same. “After all, it’s all for the love of chocolate!

Cadbury, has also committed to giving away 2,000 products, selected from the above chocolatiers. A spokesperson for Cadbury said:


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