Cacaosuyo took Gold at this year’s International Chocolate Awards with their Cusco 80 bar.

The Awards were founded in 2012 and are run by a group of independent international partners based in the UK, Italy and the USA, with years of experience tasting and evaluating chocolate and running fine chocolate related events. The rules and judging are overseen by our permanent Grand Jury members, Country Partners and independent experts, who set the rules of the Awards based on ongoing consultation with our entrants.

Bartalks spoke with Cacaosuyo about the award and what was unique about the Cusco 80.

It is a selection of Chuncho cacaos that we blend. Chuncho cacao are those native cacaos from the Quillabamba valley in the Cuzco region.  Although they are all yellow-coloured cocoa pods, they are very different in shapes sizes, and flavours.

The company explains that this bean has some unique properties which they take advantage of when they make the bar. One feature is that their chocolate made from the Chuncho cacao is already naturally sweet. Even 80% dark chocolate needs only a little cane sugar and doesn’t have the normal bitterness associated with chocolate of this high a percentage of cacao.

The Chuncho cacao comes from the Cuzco region of Peru, and as Vivi Kleisner, Head of Sales for Cacaosuyo puts it:

The flavour notes are a complex set of fruits starting with soursop, but it is actually more the flavour of the cacao fruit which very seldom shines through to the chocolate.  In Chuncho it does.

The company has been building on its stock of awards for several years, each year accumulating more for their cupboard. In the UK and Europe their chocolate can be ordered from Cocoa Runners and High Five.

Samir Chuncho

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