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Follow us on Instagram @the_bartalks and @farmtohomecoffee This week, we are preparing to plumb in our Rocket R58 Espresso machine, and have quite a bit of preparation to do.

Nick & Max talk about the coffees they’re drinking:

Farm to Home Coffee – Tanzanian –
Peaberry Coffee – Finca El Marador –
Anvil Coffee – #3 – 00:00 Start

05:39 Why plumb in your espresso machine
09:21 The Rocket R58 plumbing kit – what’s in the box
13:49 The plumbing process 16:20 Farm to Home Coffee – Tanzania
24:27 Is an Aeropress necessary
28:24 Anvil Coffee #3
31:43 Combining with an existing water filter
35:20 Water Pressure
39:42 Wrapping Up
41:23 Fellows Coffee Storage Can

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