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The largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier in North America, Blommer Chocolate Company, has just announced the opening of their new R&D Applications Lab. The lab, located in downtown Chicago, was designed to be a functional and creative space where the company can get together with its customers to brainstorm and test new ideas.

“We are looking forward to hosting customers! The new lab has been thoughtfully designed to be a functional workspace for the team with a welcoming atmosphere for collaborating with customers” – Marie Loewen, R&D Corporate Manager, Applications.

There are 4 sections that make up Blommer’s new location:

  1. The Chocolate and Kitchen Demonstration Area:
    The centrepiece of the new lab – a temperature and humidity controlled environment, flexibly set up for training and demonstrations, as well as small scale chocolate work.
  2. Hot Kitchen:
    A space for bakery and beverage work, separate from the chocolate work. Includes small scale bakery facilities and ice cream freezer.
  3. Ideation Space:
    A creative space to come together and brainstorm new ideas.
  4. Central Corridor:
    A space divided into separate zones/workstations to host small meetings and sensory evaluations.

The move aligns with the company’s R&D vision: “Through thoughtful and proactive collaboration, we will deliver advanced innovation, impactful technical support, and generate meaningful, creative solutions to help unlock the full potential of our customers.”

The new lab’s flexible design allows customers to directly engage with the company, either virtually or in-person, and is expected to begin hosting people as early as February. The space will also serve as the new workplace for the Blommer R&D Applications Team. We were interested in exploring the virtual option further, but couldn’t find any additional information about it at the present time.

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