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The Black Rifle Coffee Company has seen their sales explode over the last year, which set them up for their successful stock market IPO earlier this month.

I have to admit to a negative predisposition toward the Black Rifle Coffee Company before I knew anything about them. I’m not a gun supporter, so the association of guns and coffee didn’t really put me in a wonderful frame of mind.

I understand why many Americans feel strongly about their guns. I spent 5 years in the mid-west of the U.S. and still have dear friends there who are firmly in the pro-gun camp, but we’ve agreed to disagree.

The names of their coffee didn’t make me feel any better – AK Espresso! Murdered Out Coffee Roast! So, I set about to shoot them down in this article. 

I Changed my Mind (Mostly)

But then I read their mission statement, and watched interviews with the management team and discovered a business that, yes, had a strong gun association, but was primarily about veterans lives.

My views on household ownership of guns aside, I’m a supporter of the armed forces, past and present. I wish there was still mandatory national service for young people. The armed forces provide an antidote to silver tongued politicians, and those of my friends who went through training, came out with lifelong good habits and a ‘can-do’ attitude. They understand the importance of loyalty and being able to rely on someone.

I also believe our governments don’t always treat their veterans fairly. I can’t speak for the US, but in the UK we have acted shamefully toward our Gurkha troops – denying them equal pensions, for example, until a lovely actress by the name of Joanna Lumley, who’s father served in the Gurkha regiment shamed the politicians into action in 2008

Veteran Engagement

So I found it heartening to see over 50% of the employees at the BRCC were veterans or family members of veterans. The company has initiatives to help vets including those who were disabled from their service. 


The company went public by the once-trendy SPAC route. Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are shell corporations designed to take companies public without undergoing the traditional IPO process which takes time and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

They have been extremely popular over the last few years, although their numbers have dropped significantly recently.

The company’s share price initially soared before scaling back, but still well above their IPO price. I think BRCC has struck a chord with right wing customers in the US, and while I don’t like the naming of their products, it’s clear that many disagree with me.

Expansion Plans for the Future

After raising capital, the company is going to embark on a major expansion from the current 7 stores to 78 by 2023.  They also want to hire 10,000 veterans, which is amazing.

What I particularly like, other than the jobs for vets, is that the company came to market on the back of an already profitable business. Unlike so many other companies that launch their IPO’s without any real substance to their business, BRCC has already shown they can deliver.

The company has a big hiring programme. If you’re a vet, looking for an opportunity, check out their page here

Final Thoughts

While I still don’t like their coffee names, or marketing, an awful lot of people clearly do, and they are doing a great job in promoting themselves. I have no idea if I’d like their coffee, but they’re stepping in to help veterans who may not feel they have a lot of great options after leaving the service, and for that they deserve respect.

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