The portfolio of the MAHLKÖNIG brand combines craftsmanship with innovative technology – inspired by the high demands of the specialty coffee industry. With its strong pioneering spirit MAHLKÖNIG breaks new ground in premium coffee grinding time after time and sets the trends of tomorrow.

The world’s best baristi deserve no less than the best equipment to support them during their presentations on the global stage. Therefore, MAHLKÖNIG provides its top grinder models for the upcoming World Barista Championships in Boston:

The benchmark for premium grinding

Since it got introduced in spring 2015, the top model of MAHLKÖNIG amazes demanding baristi from all around the world with the undisputedly best grinding results. Within the industry, the PEAK is regarded to be a guarantor for the best taste with every single espresso shot.

Maximum performance for the perfect taste experience

The EK43 is the queen of coffee grinders. With even particle sizes and with a minimum of residues inside the grinder, the EK43 models master likewise espresso, filter coffee at the coffee bar and likewise cuppings at the laboratory.

The international coffee competitions of the WCE (World Coffee Events) offer unique possibilities to share inspirations as well as to develop and to grow together. MAHLKÖNIG has accompanied the World Barista Championships for more than a decade as the official grinder sponsor.

The commitment begins backstage

MAHLKÖNIG highly appreciates its friendship with the international barista community. The grinder sponsor listens and learns – from every talk, every workshop and from every warm-up before the competitions. The passion for coffee that connects participants, sponsors and the audience is the most valuable source of inspiration and motivation for MAHLKÖNIG’s product development which is perfectly aligned with the most recent requirements and trends.


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