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The British Coffee Association (BCA) has introduced Paul Rooke as the organization’s new executive director. Assigned by the association’s Board, Rooke will report to the present BCA Chair, Thomas Blackwall.

Rooke will join the BCA after 25 years at the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), where he was head of policy and external relations. His new leadership appointment comes within a critical time for the UK coffee industry as the deepening effects of COVID-19 are felt, and as Brexit negotiations begin to form, future trade, the labor movement, and environmental policy and tariffs continue to influence the UK’s circular economy and infrastructure.

Discussing his appointment, Rooke stated, “The coffee industry is, like other sectors, facing a period of massive upheaval and business uncertainty from COVID-19. Coffee is a daily part of many peoples’ lives, and we will be aiming to ensure its production and accessibility to customers can be maintained during this very challenging period, and those members whose businesses are facing immense pressure can get some rest from the actions Government is presenting.

” Whilst I am certainly delighted to be joining the UK coffee industry, we recognize that there is an immediate need to support our members and UK coffee through this crisis- he added.”

This year will also see numerous essential government resources and waste consultations on the environment and packaging, along with ongoing help the BCA around broader sustainability issues such as improving the resilience of coffee farmers and driving responsible sourcing methods across its supply chains.

At the beginning of the year, the BCA Board created an ambitious set of new objectives and goals for the association that will offer new routes to development, expand capabilities and continuously improve the importance of the association for its members. These renewed objectives will be essential to Rooke’s role in moving the organization onward.

BCA chair, Thomas Blackwall, statted, “Paul’s extensive background working in policy and external affairs for broader trade associations will be beneficial for the association, we couldn’t be happier that he has accepted the position.

” With Paul coming on board, we will start to see the BCA go through a rapid phase of increasing capability, building capacity, and becoming an even stronger voice for the UK coffee industry. This is a lot more important given the business effects from the coronavirus crisis and in prioritizing the health, safety, and wellbeing of individuals working throughout the coffee industry.”

Rooke will report into the BCA board and chair and will also work closely with the heads of the BCA Committees, notably across Technical & Regulatory, Sustainability, Communications, and Trade & Logistics.

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