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The Alliance For Coffee Excellence (ACE), organisers of the Cup of Excellence (COE) partners with scientific traceability company Oritain to enable them to trace the origin of coffee submitted for auction at the global ‘Cup of Excellence’ competition.

The Cup of Excellence is the first global internet auction platform for award-winning coffees. Founded in 1999, these auctions have allowed coffee farmers, whether award-winning or not, to value their coffee’s at a greater financial price.

Prices from the auctions have fetched multiple times higher than the traditional method of selling. Not only for the COE coffees, the pricing transparency of the auctions has increased the overall value of top specialty coffees globally.

photo: Alliance for Coffee Excellence

The first Cup of Excellence took place in 1999.

The auctions have opened up opportunities for any roaster around the world to purchase award-winning coffee, of which may not be available or even known of otherwise.

Before internet auctions existed, specialty coffees were either blended or sold to the exporters preferred customers.

The Cup of Excellence is one of the most respected coffee competition in the world, with thousands of entries and securing the highest value for its farmers and growers while identifying some of the world’s best coffees.

Now, with the partnership with scientific traceability company, Oritain, Oritain is further solidifying its reputation for transparency.

And, now, the competition is further cementing its reputation for integrity and transparency through a partnership with scientific traceability company, Oritain.

Oritain will analyse the natural properties found in coffee and uses the data to create an Origin Fingerprint for that particular coffee bean. Once established, this fingerprint is used to verify the authenticity of that coffee as it moves throughout the supply chain, all the way up to the shop floor.

By building up a database of coffee from all over the world that can then be used to prove the origin of coffee, this will ensure buyers are paying for is exactly the same coffee they receive.

For Alliance for Coffee, they will be able to introduce a traceability tool in the coffee industry to increase transparency, demonstrate compliance with sustainability and responsible sourcing standards, manage risk and strengthen the reputation of high-level coffee origins.

Darrin Daniel, ACE Executive Director, said:

This partnership is at the cutting edge of verification of origin and we are delighted to begin this partnership as a service for our many stakeholders in the specialty coffee supply chain.

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