The newest addition to Australian wine brand, 19 Crimes, is a red wine that’s infused with Colombian cold brew coffee. It was launched in the UK earlier this year, and with the recent lift of COVID-19 restrictions in England, the brand’s research showed that this might be a popular drink for young dates.

However, it has since met with mixed reviews on supermarket websites. Some buyers love the mixture of coffee with the wine, while others said they poured it down the sink after the first taste.

19 Crimes is a rebel brand from treasury Wine Estates, which is one of the worlds largest wine companies. Every bottle’s label is based on a real non-fictional 19th-century convict. At that time, Britain might sentence a convict to “punishment by transportation” to Australia, for any of 19 serious crimes, including counterfeiting, or, impersonating an Egyptian!

The company describes the product as:

A liquid ode to our past, 19 Crimes is inspired by those who, beginning in 1788, were transported to Australia for a life of hard labour. ‘The Deported’ honours these men and women who forged fresh pathways. A pioneering jammy red with a bold coffee finish.

From the brand’s research, a quarter of single people in the UK would prefer to go for an alcoholic drink as a first date, rather than for coffee. A third of those diners, prefer wine. By comparison, less than a third of single people in the UK opted for a cup of coffee on a first date.

On top of that, the current generation is always in search of new and exciting products. Head of Marketing at Treasury Wine Estates Ben Blake, brought attention to the current generation’s drinking habits:

We’ve seen that under 35s are intrigued by wine fusion products. By blurring the categories and crossing into new territories, we’re confident this new proposition will ignite consumers’ interest to further discover the category.

The newest wine addition is described to be “firm and full on the palate with flavours of red currants, dark cherries and chocolate, complemented with vanilla and a bold coffee finish.” After almost two years of isolation and minimal physical interactions, one would assume any bottle would do the trick of being an acceptable first date companion.

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